Theology Live 2021 running order

Theology Live, a day conference for Baptists in the UK engaged in post graduate research is taking place next Friday online. Here is the running order of the day. Each session include 2 papers (30mins long each) You can still get tickets here

9.00-9.30am Welcome & Worship (official start from 9.10am) Ruth Andy
9.30-10.30am Session 1 Lina Philip
Break (20min)

With breakout groups

10.50am-11.50pm Session 2 Tim Deb
Break (20min)
12.10pm-12.40pm Session 3 David
Lunch (50min)
1.30pm-2.30pm Session 4 Eleasah Marion
Break (20min)

With breakout groups

2.50pm-3.50pm Session 5 Alistair Paulus
Break (20min)
4.10-5.10pm Session 6 Meghan Steve H (closing)

Paper titles are:

  1. Tim Judson, ‘Worldly sorrow, cheap grace and white fragility’
  2. Marion Carson, ‘Moral Discernment in the Abraham and Sarah Narrative: Observations for Contemporary Pilgrims’
  3. Deb Stammers, ‘Why don’t people go to church anymore?’: Perceptions of Christianity in a North Wales village’
  4. David McLachlan, ‘Your Faith Has Healed You? Disability, Healing and the Trinity’
  5. Eleasah Phoenix Louis, ‘Black British and De- Churched: Afroasiatic Religions, biblical genealogy and identity formation’
  6. Alistair Cuthbert, ‘Evil in God?: A Theological Case for a Robust Ontology of The Satan and Demonic within the Panentheistic Reality of God and Why it Matters Pastorally’
  7. Philip Lutterodt, ‘Gospel and Culture Interface: Lessons from the Ghanaian theologian Kwame Bediako’
  8. Lina Toth, ‘Friendship in Christian Practice: Personal, Communal, Missional’
  9. Paulus De Jong, ‘Living out Christ’s commandments: Jesus, the Spirit, and moral transformation in the Gospel of John’
  10. Meghan Byerly, ‘Baptist Ecclesiology and the Necessary Virtue of Obedience’