Theology Live 2021 — links to audio

Theology Live is an annual one day conference for Baptists involved in postgraduate theological research to share their work. Below are the links to the papers presented for 2021.

Lina Toth, ‘Friendship in Christian Practice: Personal, Communal, Missional’

Deb Stammers, ‘Why don’t people go to church anymore?’: Perceptions of Christianity in a North Wales village’

Tim Judson, ‘Worldly sorrow, cheap grace and white fragility’

Philip Lutterodt, ‘Gospel and Culture Interface: Lessons from the Ghanaian theologian Kwame Bediako’

David McLachlan, ‘Your Faith Has Healed You? Disability, Healing and the Trinity’

Eleasah Phoenix Louis, ‘Black British and De- Churched: Afroasiatic Religions, biblical genealogy and identity formation’

Marion Carson, ‘Moral Discernment in the Abraham and Sarah Narrative: Observations for Contemporary Pilgrims’

Alistair Cuthbert, ‘Evil in God?: A Theological Case for a Robust Ontology of The Satan and Demonic within the Panentheistic Reality of God and Why it Matters Pastorally’

Paulus De Jong, ‘Living out Christ’s commandments: Jesus, the Spirit, and moral transformation in the Gospel of John’ (Handout for this lecture here)

Meghan Byerly, ‘Baptist Ecclesiology and the Necessary Virtue of Obedience’

Steve Holmes, ‘Reflections on the Day’