Issue 2

Here is the second issue: Journal of Baptist Theology Issue 2


Editorial — Simon Woodman

Acts of the Imagination: The Missional Potential of the Visual Arts in Post-Christendom UK — Karen Case-Green

The Healing of Memories in Bilateral Dialogues with Anabaptist (and Baptist) Participation — Steven Harmon

Participatory Forgiveness and Reconciliation: A Test Case Using Paul Fiddes’ Theology of Participation to Understand Rwanda’s Post-Genocide Recovery — Alistair Cuthbert


The article by Karen Case-Green was first presented at Theology Live 2019.


2 thoughts on “Issue 2”

  1. Thank you to Al Cuthbert for his article which i found helpful and challenging.
    This understanding of the atonement adds an urgency to our need of a transforming work of the Holy Spirit to enable us to participate in God’s reconciliation. And reconciliation is increasingly needed in light of the divisive energies currently at work in our Western cultures.

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