Issue 1

Here is the first edition: Journal of Baptist Theology Issue 1


Editorial — Stephen Holmes

Not Staring but Gazing: A Disability Reading of Healing in John’s Gospel — Sally Nelson

Women and the Institution: The Struggle for Women to be Involved in the Baptist Union at the End of the Twentieth Century — Andy Goodliff

‘Did God really command the indiscriminate slaughter of the Canaanite Tribes? Framing the Narrative of Ḥerem’ —Tim Carter

Modern Slavery, Trauma and Holy Saturday: Theological and Pastoral Responses — Dan Pratt

Three of the articles — those by Sally Nelson, Tim Carter and Dan Pratt — were first presented at Theology Live 2019. The fourth article by Andy Goodliff was first represented at the 2019 Hearts & Minds Conference (an annual day conference organised by Bristol Baptist College, Regent’s Park College and South Wales Baptist College).

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